Random vase for “Ventivetri” project

Client: Massimo Lunardon

Year: 2008

vaso Random
vaso Random modello virtuale

I am working with Massimo Lunardon since 13 years, and along this period I could test his mastery as a borosilicate glass blower. For this project “Ventivetri”, arranged by Massimo for a personal anniversary, I designed a set apparently put together of glass pipes, the one united to the other, ┬áto use as a vase. Transparency of glass and the absence of decoration enhance its shape. To me it’s always a pleasure to work with him, and each object I designed has been perfectly made by “his” glass. The exhibition of these 20 glass design pieces (limited edition) was held at Corraini’ s Bookshop in Mantua, December 2008 and at Corraini’ s shop in Milan, ┬áDecember 2009.