Genesi bathroom collection

Client: Titanbagno SA

Year: 2000

Genesi bathroom collection
Whirlpool bath
Whirlpool bath section
Cristalplant basin
Shower faucet
Shower and whirlpool bath controllers
Whirlpool bath controllers details
Genesi bathroom collection

For Genesi we introduced two essential and innovative aspects in the project, so to bring nature and health in the world of bathroom. We thought to use wood in the external parts of bathtub and internal parts of multifunctions shower unit, the one normally used in shipyards, thus tested to resist humidity and water. Bathtub construction was dramatically changed, with a patented system of water overflow, a deeper and more comfortable tub, whirlpool jets positioned according to shiatsu points (under guidance and check of a professional shiatsu physiotherapist), to relief  neck, column and legs’ deseases, stimulating feetplants as well. The use of wood in side panels and platform, made comfortable to stay longer inside multifunction shower unit,  limiting the use of plastic materials. After development of bathtub and multifunction shower unit, we designed also the furniture collection and  bathroom fittings made in Cristalplant, as well as faucets for all articles of Genesi collection. Faucets design was guided by minimal, sharp lines. Out of production.