Refrigerator proposals

Client: Ardo

Year: 2007


round free standing proposal
high impact handle proposal
hidden handle proposal
new handle proposal
pullout console proposal
pullout console proposal detail
frigorifero ipotesi soluzione ad angolo
round free standing proposal
front minibar-door proposal
round free standing 270┬░ proposal
round free standing proposal detail
round free standing proposal detail

We were invited by Antonio Merloni Group to design for their brand ARDO innovative refrigerators with a strong look and no technical ┬álimitation. In one series proposals focused on new handles; in another series shape was important: we proposed a circular fridge, itself composed of 4 sections. With ┬áthis kind of combination one could “assemble” a lot of different kind of refrigerators. There was also a fridge with a double front door, chilled and containing. None of these has been realized.