Hoover Dynamic dish-washer

Client: Candy Hoover

Year: 2010

digit version
digit version control panel detail
digit version front view
easy logic version
easy version
easy logic version detail
rendering digit version
rendering digit version
rendering easy logic version
rendering easy version

The client’s requirement was to introduce its new dishwasher in the European competition with the other well known producers. Design had to convey techonological richness and clearly outline against competitors. For this project we also designed a third tray with relevant handle, available in the high end versions, to accomplish marketing demands. This project absorbed us for one year and half, at close contact with technicians, marketing and commercial staff. We re-designed control pannel, front door and handle. The dishwasher has been declined in three different versions: “digit “(high end), “easy logic” (middle range) and “easy” (economical range).